Historical Map Videos

World War II crop.png

I really like maps and I find history very interesting, so a particular genre of YouTube video which I especially enjoy is historical map videos.

These videos show historical events such as wars, expansions of empires, or the spreading of culture and religion on a map over a certain time period.

These videos are very helpful in illustrating historical events in a way that is accessible and easy to understand.

The video which first got me into this particular genre showed the changing frontlines of World War II in Europe over every single day of the war.

Reading about World War II and even seeing maps at certain points in the war may show you borders at a specific time, but it may not give you the best impression of just how much things have changed.

It really shows the vast scale of some events, especially the German invasion of the Soviet Union, which begins at about 2:13.

There are two YouTube channels which stand out in this genre: Emperor Tigerstar and Ollie Bye. The video I linked above was by Emperor Tigerstar.

Another one which I especially enjoy is a video showing the history of the world over every year – which really goes a long way to show how connected we are to the world of the past. Human history is not separated into various individual chunks – we are merely the latest development in the whole multi-thousand year history of human civilisation.

I also want to mention this video showing the complete rise and fall of the Roman Empire – it is amazing to see just how vast the empire became and how quickly it did so, and it is sort of tragic to see it get whittled away until there are only a few small spots left until it disappears forever.

If you find this sort of thing as interesting as I do, I highly encourage you to watch more videos like this, as they are all thoroughly enjoyable and may teach you some things about history.


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