The Launch of the Most Powerful Rocket in the World

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Sometime in January 2018 a new rocket built by SpaceX will be launched into space. This rocket will be more powerful than any other rocket currently in operation on Earth.

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A Visitor from Another Solar System


A speck of light discovered nearly two months ago has turned out to be one of the most exciting astronomical discoveries of recent times.

I wrote about this about a month ago – an object was discovered near Earth which was initially thought to be a comet or asteroid, but was moving so fast that it could not be gravitationally bound by the sun.

It had shot in from outside of the solar system, rounded by the sun and the Earth, and is now shooting out back into interstellar space.

This object is the most “alien” that we have ever seen near the Earth – nothing of its kind has been detected before.

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How Cosmic Events have Influenced History

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The course of human history has not always been determined by the actions of humanity. Natural events have also played a role in transforming the civilisations of ancient times into the society we live in today.

Some of these natural events were not from the Earth. History could have been quite different if phenomena witnessed in the sky were understood for what they actually were, and not misinterpreted at the time, as has happened.

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Anywhere on Earth in Under an Hour

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Can you imagine being able to travel halfway around the world in less than an hour? Leave your destination at 12:00pm and arrive 40 minutes later in a timezone where it is 1:00am?

It sounds like science fiction, jumping around the planet on a whim, disregarding the vast distances between continents. But this supposed fantasy might not be so, and could become a reality within the next few decades.

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